I started the Proust Nature Questionnaire in 2017. Over the last 4 years, I have interviewed 239 inspiring and successful leaders – CEOs, lawyers, celebrities, Hollywood producers, investors, scientists, artists, architects, astronauts, explorers, fashion models, winemakers, chefs, and many more. From the beginning, my goal was to find out how #nature shaped our lives. What it meant to us. How it made us feel and what we learned from it. The Questionnaire has been a labor of love but these past months, my work has become more intense and with little signs of slowing down. It is with a sad heart that I am making the decision to put the Questionnaire on hold. I might post an interview from time to time but the Proust Nature Questionnaire will no longer be one of my main priorities. I thank you for finding value in this project and for your continued support. Before I sign off, I want to share with you one insight from the project: the top words and #lessons people most associated with nature. Here they are: Beauty & Humility (tie) first, Respect and Powerful (tie) second, and Inspiring for third. See below for all the others..
Beauty 60
Humility 60
Respect 37
Powerful 37
Inspiring 33
Life 29
Patience 26
Peace 24
Awe 23
Resilient 22
Calm 22
Connected 20
Fragile 15
Transformation 15
Complex 15
Love 13
Joy 13
Listen 12
Healing 12
Freedom 11
Bigger 10
Present 10
Vast 10
Wise 10
Wonder 10
Home 10
Rhythm 10
Essential 9
Balance 8
Happiness 8
Teacher 8
Gratitude 8
Perspective 8
Majestic 8
Alive 8
Truth 7
Wild 7
Spiritual 6
Magic 6
Breathtaking 6
God 6
Evolution 6
Restorative 6
Cycle 6
Fear 5
Pure 4
Diversity 4
Dynamic 4
Nurturing 4
Renewal 4
Cleansing 3
Adventure 3
Raw 2
Hope 2